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“My Country” - tUnE-yArDs

I can understand why people may not like the music of tUnE-yArDs (I guess), but I have a harder time understanding how you can’t like Merrill Garbus. Her music videos alone make me love her. Quirky, colorful, and fun, full of adorable kids (I have four younger sibling myself that I adore), and she always seems to be having such a blast. Couple that with her intelligence and unique style, and I find her quite  incredible. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that this is awesome and that I suffer from a heavy pro-Garbus bias.

Many of the kids in this video are from the San Francisco Rock Project, a non-profit music school for kids. In exchange for the time, space, etc that they lent to the creation of this video, tUnE-yArDs has created the SF Rock Project Lending Library Kickstarter, a kickstarter with the goal of creating a lending library of instruments for the Rock Project kids. It’s a worthy cause, and just imagining having this opportunity when I was a kid makes me want this to happen with all my heart. So please follow the link and donate to this wonderful cause if you can. [link]

- Tyler Hanan

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